The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim ( My Thoughts-1)


  Skyrim is definitely one of my all time favorite action rpg which not only has an amazing story-line but is also visually stunning .

One of the things i personally struggled with in skyrim would be travelling cause well places were quite far but if you have a horse or my favorite horse shadowmere         ( available after you join the dark brotherhood) then it was a bit easier ( Unless you find come creatures on the way or your riding skills are sh*t).  Daedric weapons, armors and artifacts, you got to have them all. These are probably one of the best weapons available through quests in skyrim. My favourites are probably Ebony blade Mehrune’s Razor. The Dark Brotherhood, yes i was an assassin too along with being the thane of most of the reaches and being mankind’s only home at survival and lets not forget the champion of all Daedric lords and… over all a hero . The dark brotherhood is definitely a fun and exciting part of the game specially the High King’s assassination ( even though that felt horrible T-T since he was a good man) are all perks you can after joining them and lets not forget the blade of woe and shadowmere. 


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