Bastard – Manhwa

Bastard (Manhwa)

Manhwa Thoughts and Reviews

The manhwa authorised and illustrated by Carnby Kim and Youngchan Hwang , Bastard is definitely a treat that’s sure to get you rushed and curious to know what will happen next. This is a psychological,suspense, horror Manhwa that revolves around the life of  Jun and his struggles with his dad who is a psychopath killer. The Manhwa reveals all the secrets and mysteries in a very clever way and way. When i first read the summary i seriously thought it would be a more of a time killer story but as i when on further in the chapters my liking and obsession with the Manhwa increased to the point where i wanted to know what happens next immediately and hence went on reading. Through the chapters you feel really angry and negative towards the dad but at the end you kind of feel sorry that it ended the way it did ( sorry no spoilers). The different phases from his struggle to get away from his dad to his relationship with the girl he loves creates a bond between you and the character and an emotional attachment. For psychological/horror fans this Manhwa is a definite read. Here’s a link to the  Manhwa:( )

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